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News & Features

A Letter from the Editors in Chief

By: J. Fassler ‘20, Sabreen Mohammed ‘20, Jakob Slifker ‘20

Dear GA,

We’re so happy to be your Editors-in-Chief for the 2019-2020 school year! Ever since we read our first articles, we slowly became more involved with the newspaper process, leading the Academy Edition to become our favorite creative outlet in the Upper School. Writing articles not only gave us a chance to express our insights in a safe space, but it allowed us three to have a voice in the larger GA community that we could not find anywhere else. We hope to be able to share our love as well as passion for writing, new ideas, and collaboration to the rest of the school.

On the print front, we’re going to be focusing on bringing the Edition back into the forefront within the community. So many wonderful people write intelligent, insightful, and just plain interesting articles, and we want to make sure that their work gets the appreciation it deserves. We also want to highlight any writers who have pieces in mind that they would like to write. Many students feel passionate about current events that they want to report on, or issues they have an opinion on, and the Edition is a wonderful space for them to put those ideas. We want to ensure that we foster people’s interests in the best way possible.

On the online front, we are excited to expand the reach of the E-dition and bring news and information to the GA community more effectively and less obtrusively. We hope to fluidly integrate into the GA digital workflow by providing club updates, sports schedules, and important announcements to the whole student body in order to keep everyone in the loop. We will strive to incorporate this platform  into the general life of our student body to the extent that everything will be right at the tip of their fingertips. In addition, we plan to continue to produce exclusive and unique online content only existable on a digital platform. We want to continue our Overheard and Humans of GA columns as well as add new forms of content to the online platform. We are excited to continue and expand this new facet and to bring it further to life in the GA community. (Check out the E-dition at

It is our honor to share our love for the Edition with everyone. Thank you, and happy reading!


J. Fassler, Sabreen Mohammed, and Jakob Slifker,

Your 2019-2020 Editors-in-Chief


How to Use the E-dition!

By: Jakob Slifker ‘20

This past month, the staff of The Edition launched a brand new website for the newspaper, called The E-dition. The product of months of planning and design by the Editors-in-Chief, layout editors, and blog editors of the Edition, the E-dition was created as an online platform for the student body to read news, enjoy new online content, and find information about clubs and events on campus. The E-dition has articles from the print versions of  the Edition, as well as new articles written exclusively for the site. It also features the brand new “Humans of GA” and “Overheard” sections. In “Humans of GA,” the Edition staff interviews various members of the GA community, who share their stories and perspectives on GA and life in general. In “Overheard,” students are asked to submit various comical or notable quotation they hear around GA. Both of these sections live under the “Special Features” section of The E-dition.

One of the main purposes of The E-dition is to limit the volume of school-wide emails and morning meeting announcements in order to streamline the dissemination and access of information about clubs and events. Through the announcement board on the main page of The E-dition, as well as on the “Clubs and Announcements” page, students can find information about upcoming events, due dates for applications, and clubs meeting throughout the week. The E-dition provides a platform to which clubs or organizations can submit their announcements to be processed and uploaded by Edition staff on a very short turnaround. Also listed on the announcement board are the week’s sports events so that any student can see at a glance when and where they can support their favorite GA team.